Best looking Guitarhero out there

That’s me:

I started playing guitar at the age of 9. My first teacher was a local jazz legend, teaching classic guitar and jazz, while I wanted to learn Nirvana and Metallica, so we agreed on the Beatles.

At the age of 12 I was able to perform all Angus Young Signature moves, played Jimi’s “Purple Haze” with my tongue and “Enter Sandman” free handed. You can watch it all in an extremely rare live bootleg-video from 1989 in Berlin, when I played at the Mauerfall with David Hasselhoff and Michael Jackson.

I started my first band at the age of 16. It took only one year until our first on-stage appearance, where I showed several guitar-swings, outrageous fast sweeping and for the first time felt like, “Yeah, fuck, I could be a Rockstar”.

It was the year 2003, when I started studying Jazz guitar at the Vienna Music Institute and became a qualified instrumental music teacher. 2004 I started teaching guitar to kids in the neighborhood. Most of them are famous now.

At 2007 I brought all dance moves from High School Musical to perfection. When I finished Vienna Music Institute in 2009, I looked back to lessons with legends like Peter Rom, Andy Manndorff, Conrad Schrenk, Richard Graf. In the same year I made it to New York City, and learned from Wayne Krantz and John Abercrombie. I also had lessons and workshops with Scott Henderson, Alex Machacek, Dave Fiuczynski, Bill Frisell, Mike Stern and some other guys who would be worth mentioning, but to be truth I don’t want to make you guys that jealous…

Over the last years I played more live concerts in and out of Austria than I can count, with many different projects and bands, firing licks and riffs that my cause dizziness or burning eyes when watching too close. Be careful first row!

What you can expect …

  • As a musician, the stage is my second home. I play concerts, weddings and other events. Just contact me with your concerns.
  • I’m one hell of a guitar teacher. As a graduate of Vienna Music Institute I can teach you basics and pro-technics from Powerchords to insane Jazz Solos, from destroying your guitar on stage to romanctic heart-melting lovesongs.
30 min – €25,-
45 min – €35,-
per month – €80,-



Lauta Scheene Liada…

Die Vorstadtcasanovas.

Listen to the Beauty of Austrian Music. Some Songs make you cry and some make you laugh so hard, better take a second pants to a concert.

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If you want a job done well, hire a professional. 
Lèon, the professional.
We play at your wedding, baptism or any other event that needs enjoyable acoustic music. 
Choose from a broad variety of songs – from Rage Against The Maschine to Rhianna, from club-house-hits to gregorian chant and be surprised about the beauty of a song when interpreted acoustic. 


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Marjorie Etukudo and Band

Get Up! Get on up!
James Brown
With this R’n’B, Soul, African vibes and funky attitude you can’t just stand there. You have shake your ass off and dance like there is no tomorrow! And thats the way it should be.
We mix our compositions with R’n’B, Blues and Jazz Classics – You will not regret to book this band for your event. 
Play that funky music!

Marjorie Etukudo & Andreas Landau

Rob Zombie
Acoustic Duo
Playing our compositions with popular classics always leaves our audience with goosepumps, tears of joy and even more goosepumps. Be prepared to go on a trip through your emotions. Could be more effective than psychotherapy.

Questions? Just ask! Or shut up!